Jehangir Saifullah Khan Projects

Step into the realm of Jehangir Saifullah Khan Projects, a visionary endeavor brought to you by Saif Group. With a rich history spanning decades, we take immense pride in presenting a diverse portfolio of initiatives. From pioneering energy solutions with Saif Energy Limited to transforming landscapes through D.I. Khan New City under JK&S Global Developers (Pvt.) Limited, our journey of growth is marked by setting high standards. Notably, we’ve achieved excellence in poultry and livestock feed production with JSK Feeds, while concurrently empowering global businesses through expert commodities sourcing and advanced digital marketing strategies at JK Marketing. As we continue to shape a sustainable future with cutting-edge technology and meticulous planning, we’re here to redefine reliability in infrastructures through JK & S Global Developers Ltd. Explore the legacy of vision and progress that defines Jehangir Khan Projects.

Jehangir khan projects saif energy

Saif Energy Limited

Saif Energy Ltd is a Saifgroup company. Saif Group was conceived over eighty years ago when its founder Khan Faizullah Khan, made his first industrial undertaking, a diesel fired...Read more>>

jehangir khan project di khan new city

D.I. Khan New City

D. I. Khan New City is a landmark project of JK&S Global Developers (Pvt.) Limited, a Saif Group company with a vision to create an international standard city with modern facilities.... Read more>>

jehangir khan project jsk feeds limited

JSK Feeds

JSK Feeds Limited is one of the fastest growing producers of poultry & ruminant feed in Pakistan. Our hallmark is the production of best quality feed for the poultry, livestock and dairy... Read more>>

jk projects jk marketing

JK Marketing

At JK Marketing, a Saif Group company, we empower global companies with our expert commodities sourcing and cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. We firmly believe that by providing a strong foundation built on quality sourcing and a powerful digital presence,... Read more>>

jk projects jks global developers

JK & S Global Developers

JK & S Global Developers Ltd. is the fast growing development company of Pakistani conglomerate Saif Group. We are at the forefront of the development using careful planning and technology to create safe and reliable sustainable infrastructures... Read more>>